Poe Dameron's Vest Has A ‘Secret Message’

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This is incredible. A true blue Star Wars fan has decoded what the characters mean on Poe Dameron's flight vest. Tumblr user @youneedapilot probably watched The Force Awakens at least 5 times to see this.

Apparently, the letters on the vest read "PULL TO INFLATE."

Okay, this isn't exactly a "secret" rather than a message, but the funny and ridiculous conclusion shows yet another extremely dedicated and possibly mildly obsessive fan – the kinds of fan that we love. They just add more color into our lives.


To the untrained eye, the letters written at the vest worn by Oscar Isaac (see below) would look nonesense. However, to a Star Wars fan of @youneedapilot's ranking, the characters are of the Aurebesh from the Star Wars universe.

It appears that the letters were written solely for the wearer of the vest. They're upside down and backwards for the convenience of the one wearing the vest. Mystery message decoded. Poe Dameron wore a life vest in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What's really incredible about this Star Wars tidbit is the fact that the team behind the movie is really trying to turn the Star Wars universe into reality, at least on film.