Players Celebrate as Star Wars Battlefront Removes Controversial Feature

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Thanks to a new update for Star Wars Battlefront, anyone playing as a Stormtrooper in the game is forced to keep their helmet on.

Earlier this week, the ability to play as a helmet-less Stormtrooper was cut from Battlefront as part of a patch coinciding with the release of the game's Death Star DLC. The feature was cut from the game's diverse character customizaiton options. Fans can still use helmetless heads for other character builds in Battlefront. One of the new patch's notes reads: "Appearance: With the arrival of the Imperial Officers, the certification for Stormtroopers to remove their helmets in combat has been withdrawn."

Of course, players are happy that the feature was removed because players felt something was wrong when they see Stormtroopers running around without a helmet on.


"No more helmetless Stormtroopers!!!" a player wrote. "YES!!! This is something they definitely got right for sure. A long time coming this was."

During a recent livestream, the game's lead designer, Dennis Brännvall, talked about the change:

"We agree that it's important that you feel part of the Star Wars universe and that it feels authentic.That's why we listened to feedback and said, ‘Let's go back to having helmets on.'" He said that fans had complained that, if you played as a helmet-less Stormtrooper "it didn't feel like they were part of the Stormtrooper army anymore."

Brännvall said that everything in Battlefront should feel authentic to Star Wars but then be used however the player would like to use it. He said that "there are as many interpretations of what's true to Star Wars as there Star Wars fans."


So are you happy that this feature was removed from Battlefront?

The Death Star DLC will be available on September 20.

Via Kotaku

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