30 Oct 2017 5:56 PM +00:00 UTC

Play As Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy In Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is one of the most anticipated games coming out next year and Capcom has decided to whet the appetite of fans by showing off a new trailer during Paris Games Week. We got to see a ton of multiplayer elements that will make fans of the 3DS versions green with envy, along with the fantastic graphics. As if that wasn't enough, PS4 owners will be getting Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn as a playable character.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of this year's best games, with many fans looking forward to the upcoming Frozen Wilds expansion coming later in 2017. Making the character playable for Monster Hunter: World should be a treat for those that adored the lead. She also comes with a unique version of the Monster Hunter series' signature Felyne creatures that assist the player.

Aloy being a part of the game is somewhat fitting since Horizon is clearly inspired by the earlier Monster Hunter games. It will be interesting to see if Aloy has any unique abilities in the game, or if she is basically a playable skin. Either way, it's a nice surprise and fans cannot wait to play as her.

Monster Hunter: World will be available on January 26.

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