Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Movie Will Push Forward Depending On A Successful Home Release Of POTC 5

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was probably the weakest entry in the franchise, what with a weak story as well as a tired performance from Johnny Depp. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, however, is still positive about continuing the franchise, and says that there's a potential for a sixth film.

Talking to Yahoo! Movies, Bruckheimer says that POTC 6 happening will be dependent on the home sales of Dead Men Tell No Tales. He explains:


"Well, I hope we can continue to make it, but you know we've been having so much fun just promoting this one right now that we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it's very successful on DVD as the other ones have been. Then hopefully we'll sit down and see where we go."

Though the movie didn't get the best reviews, it still made a lot of money, and that's all the reason anyone needs to make a sequel. Bruckheimer continues:

"The media likes to run with the reviews and we didn't get great reviews, so they like to say it didn't do well. But god it's at what, $790 [million] now? It's amazing."

Personally, I think Pirates peaked with the release of The World's End, and the rest of the films faltered after that. Though production value for Dead Men Tell No Tales was amazing, I still think the movie was a far cry from what made the franchise cool. Also, Barbosa's death just to save his daughter felt like a cheap attempt at something emotional for the film. I really didn't like it.


But that's just my opinion anyway.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales hits DVD and Blu-Ray on Oct. 3.

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