Patty Jenkins Shares Her Thoughts On The Wonder Woman Sequel

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Wonder Woman was great, and director Patty Jenkins is already on board to direct the sequel. Though we still have a very vague idea on where the movie will go, Jenkins has shared her goals for the movie, and where she wants to take the film thematically.

Talking to Forbes, Jenkins explains:


"I had an interesting moment with Wonder Woman where, when I first thought about doing Wonder Woman 2, I thought, ‘Well, these are so intense, making these movies. It's a lot to think about doing more.' But then I had an epiphany, and I thought, ‘Oh, it's not more, it's better.' I want to do … Not better. I love this movie, but I want to aim to make another film, but for it to be the greatest film I can possibly make, and stand on its own feet, have its whole own thing, and explore even more things that we didn't get to explore in the first one like having fun with her.

We only got her up to her full power at the very end of the movie. I cannot wait to let her full power go in this world and have a great time with Wonder Woman, and then I have some very deep, thematic ideas that I'm passionate about and excited about doing. I'm excited both because I think the next movie is going to be a great time, but also be very, very powerful in a way that I'm excited to do."

It has been previously reported that Jenkins is interested in bringing Wonder Woman to America, and the sequel could very well be another period piece like the first film. If it were me, I would just have the movie span multiple eras, so we can watch Diana growing together with the modern world. I think bringing her into another war movie could be too redundant.

As for thematic teases, I'm curious where Jenkins will go. We know that the first movie centered on Love, so it's curious if Jenkins will still want to keep going with the theme. Hey, it's the perfect theme if they brought Diana to the groovy 70s.

Wonder Woman is currently showing in theaters.

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