Paramount Releases Ghost In The Shell Opening Scene

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It looks like Paramount really is pushing hard at its marketing campaign for Ghost in the Shell.

The studio's been releasing a lot of promotional videos for the contentious live-action film adaption the past few weeks and todayit's rolled out a clip featuring the opening scene of the movie. The video lasts for more than four minutes and gives fans a look at the espionage and hacking skills of Scarlett Johansson's Major. Check it out down below:

The video is somewhat reminiscent of the opening of the original 1995 Ghost in the Shell animated movie, however it has a lot of key differences as well. Aside from the aesthetics (the brightly colored background doesn't really match the run-down industrial feel of the original Ghost in the Shell series) the scene also features Geisha dolls as attackers and a different sort of person to protect. Nonetheless, the first five minutes of the film aren't too shabby.


The clip also features an interesting bit of conversation which tries to justify the "whitewashing" controversy of the movie. In the video, one of the cyber-enhanced men in suits boasts that "I race-change, an enhancement, now there is nothing I can't do."

Let's see whether fans will finally let Johansson's "whitewashed" casting fly with this neat little trick.

Ghost in the Shell is slated for release on March 31, 2017.

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