Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets New Update 12 Years After The 2005 Launch

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It's been years since the launch of the original Star Wars Battlefront II, however it seems like the game's just received a new improvement in the wake of the controversy spiraling around EA's Star Wars Battlefront sequel.

The 2005 Star Wars Battlefront II has just received a small update 12 years after its launch, adding in minor bug fixes and an optimized performance. According to the patch description, the new update to the original Battlefront II game has added improvements to lobby functionality and has fixed certain issues with the videogame. Battlefront II's new patch allows the steam usernames to be displayed correctly and also allows for more accurate Ping calculations.

It's definitely good to see that Pandemic Studios is still working on delivering a good gaming experience for Star Wars fans. Back in October the game also received a major update. The developer restored multiplayer support after years of abandonment and then added cross-play support between Steam and GOG users.

Of course, that's not to say that EA isn't doing anything for its Battlefront sequel. Battlefront II has just recently received free content centered around Star Wars: The Last Jedi, adding in two new maps and hero characters. Though the game was initially met with controversy because of EA's monetization methods, it seems like gamers are enjoying the new Battlefront II a lot.

EA's Star Wars Battlefront II is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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