Overwatch's New Hero, Ana, is Now Playable on PCs everywhere

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The newest Overwatch hero, Ana, is now live for all PC gamers, Polygon reports. There is no indication when she will be available on consoles. Blizzard released a PC patch that allows players to add Ana and some balance changes to their game.

Ana was announced last week as the latest addition to the game. She is the mother of another character in the game, Pharah and she is both a healer and a sniper. As a sniper support character, she can do damage to enemies but also shoot allies healing bullets and grenades. She can even increase a teammate's attack, defense and speed.


It has been confirmed that this new patch will be released on X-Box One and Playstation 4. Ana is the first new hero to be added to this game since its launch. You can get the new patch here.

What do you think of Ana? Are you excited to play as her?

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