Overwatch Really Doesn't Want You to Watch Its Characters Have Sex

Overwatch just launched last week, and the first-person shooter game has been on the hype train months prior to its release. The game has also been involvved in some controversies, including the objectification of women. Blizzard's shooter also inspired pornographic videos featuring characters of the game, created by the fans. It was also reported that people searched for Overwatch related porn 817 percent more on Pornhub after the open beta was launched on May 5.

However, Blizzard is having none of it, and it seems like they are cracking down on Overwatch porn. A Redditor named Spornm received a message from Pornhub stating that his video was deleted due to a third party notification which calls the materials "infringing". He also said that other artist's videos were also removed with the notification mentioning copyright claims by Irdeto.

Irdeto is a company that specializes in securing digital content claims, and it's likely that Blizzard might have hired them to crack down Overwatch-related porn. The company might be doing it on their own, but Blizzard is most likely paying them to protect their assets from being copied since the majority of the pornographic Overwatch content are similar to the game.

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