09 May 2016 9:35 PM +00:00 UTC

Overwatch Player Terminates Enemy With Basketball Trap

If you've tried the Overwatch beta, you've probably seen the basketball in starter areas, but players don't usually shoot at them until the match starts, and they're left behind, forgotten. However, a couple of gamers figured out how to weaponize them. . 

Puppy :U and his friend that you can attach Junkrat’s steel trap and concussion mine to a basketball, making a powerful trap that you could launch to your enemy's face. Check it out: 

You can't usually propel basketballs into combat zones, but his creative device didn't have any limitation. Puppy shot at it until the steel trap snared an enemy, at which point the mine detonated to punish them. They didn't expect this inventive weapon and replied with "WTF".