Origins of Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Fan-Favorite Stormtrooper "TR-8R" Explained

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TR-8R the Stormtrooper, who used a Z6-series riot control baton to fight a lightsaber-wielding Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has a backstory in an upcoming tie-in novel.

Written by Greg Rucka (author of the Atticus Kodiak series and some comics featuring a wealthy guy with lots of free time and a bat cosplaying fetish), the novel titled

Before the Awakening


tells the story of TR-8R.

The novel follows Finn's previous life, growing up along with the other members of his special squad, consisting of Stormtroopers FN- 2003 (nicknamed Slip) FN-2199 (nicknamed Nine), and FN-2000 (Nicknamed Zero). While

The Force Awakens

hints that Stormtrooper nicknames are tied to their name-codes, Slip is simply given the name for apparently being the more accident-prone of the group.

Before The Awakening

also reveals Captain Phasma's motivations, explaining how she always had her eye on Finn and how she considered his overwhelming loyalty to his comrades as a future hindrance in completing his mission objectives. The novel also hints at Finn's innate ability for combat (and possibly explain how he handled that lightsaber so deftly on his first try) by explaining that he ranked among the top 1 percent among the First Order's Stormtrooper Academy.

Rucka confirms the theory that the dying Stormtrooper that smears blood over Finn's helmet was a close friend. Rucka goes into detail about Finn's friendship with Slip and how Finn takes risks just to cover up for Slip's many unfortunate accidents.


When Pablo Hidalgo, story group executive behind The Force Awakens was asked to clarify on the details on whether Han Solo's bowcaster blast had killed the Stormtrooper, he said:

"I'll have to get back to you on that. Hold that thought."

You can watch Star Wars Minute's take on everyone's favorite Stormtrooper below.


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