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Original Voice of Disney’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty Gives Fans a Heartwarming Letter

Fans of Disney's Sleeping Beauty are getting a nice treat from Mary Costa, the actress who voiced Princess Aurora in the 1959 animated classic.

Costa, now 86, celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, and to show her gratitude to fans who have supported her over the years, she wrote them a very touching letter (via Indiewire).

She first thanked her fans for their support, with her recalling Walt Disney's advice to her at 22, which remains relevant to this day:

Mary, just remember the three D's…Dedication, Determination, and Discipline, and you'll achieve your Dreams!

Although Costa thanked her fans, she said that she cannot continue answering autograph requests due to their volume.

Through the years, I have always personally read and signed as many of your requests as possible. After having been so deeply inspired by letters from you, I have come to regard you not as fans, but as my friends.
I have recently realized, however, that continuing to attempt to answer the volume of autograph requests I regularly receive has become more than any one ‘Princess' can possibly handle.

However, the 86-year-old ended her letter on a positive note saying that she plans to work with young children and meet fans in the future.

Remembering Disney once again, she said she wants to share "with new generations of dreamers the moral values and creative vision of Disney, my forever friend and mentor."

It's amazing to see how Disney and people like Costa have continued to touch lives and inspire despite the years that have passed since their beginnings in the industry.

To check out Costa's full letter, click here.

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