One Punch Man Season 2 Has Controversial Changes

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The second season of One Punch Man is going through a number of controversial changes. Madhouse will no longer produce the anime, with J.C. Staff Productions now taking over animation duties. As if that wasn't enough, Chikara Sakurai will be replacing Shingo Natsume as the season's director, which is worrying fans.

Considering how gorgeous and fluid the first season of One Punch Man was, it's a shame that Madhouse won't be animating the second season. Fans somewhat expected this, since the studio is known for abandoning anime after the second season. Still, expectations from J.C. Staff are going to be unfairly high from fans.


Shingo Natsume not returning is also disappointing, since he helped the show embrace it's wacky identity while also grounding it in certain instances. Chikara Sakurai is pretty talented to be fair, working on a number of Naruto episodes so he is quite talented. Again, expectations are going to be fairly high for the show, but Sakurai does ensure some quality.

Fans will be happy to know that character designer Chikashi Kubota will be returning. The artist gave us plenty of memorable character designs from the first series, so it's good seeing him. Here is hoping that the animation and direction do these new designs justice.

Season two of One Punch Man does not have a release date yet. Expect more news in the future.


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