One-Punch Man Anime Season 2, Game Confirmed

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Get ready for another punch from our favorite egghead. One-Punch Man is getting another season on for its anime run.

This was announced via a Japanese event and also the official One-Punch Man anime Twitter.


There's also a mobile game coming, (as translated by Anime News Network). The creators have yet to detail this, though I do hope it will include all of the characters so far. Or maybe it'll be a simple fighting game, something like One-Tap Man, perhaps? Who knows.

For those who have yet to following the adventures of the egghead, One-Punch Man is all about Saitama, a normal ex-salaryman who, after getting fired, took it upon himself to become stronger. He trained and trained for a hundred push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, and 10km jogs, so much so that he lost his hair.

And now, no foe can stand against him and his—you guessed it—One Punch wonder. We've already seen him go beyond his One Punch and deliver the Consecutive Normal Punches. The anime also features an entire cast of A, B, C, and S-class heroes, from colorful personalities like Puri-Puri-Prisoner to the staple ikemen of every anime, Amai Mask. What the next season will bring, I'm sure we're all excited to know.

Personally, I'm also looking forward to the next opening theme song. How can you top JAM Project's The Hero!! Set Fire to the Furious Fist and get similar Internet reactions from it? Though I'm willing to bet they can.

There's currently no confirmed date yet on when One-Punch Man season 2 will air.

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