Old Man Logan Gets Prequel With Old Man Hawkeye

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Mark Millar's Old Man Logan presented us with a dark and depressing wasteland of the Marvel Universe where all the heroes have died and supervillains ruled the world. The comic was pretty amazing, and it looks like Marvel is bringing us back to the world with the prequel comic, Old Man Hawkeye.

According to Daily News, the story will be written by Ethan Sacks and Marco Checchetto will provide the art. Sacks explains:

"In this story, he's losing his vision and that sort of forces him to confront something really horrible that happened to him personally 45 years ago, and go on his own hero's journey while he still can."


In Old Man Logan, Hawkeye has already gone completely blind, but he was still a pretty proficient fighter wielding both his bow and a katana. The whole story of OML basically kicks off because of him, and it would cool to see more of the world and of Hawkeye as he tries to come to terms with the new reality of the MCU.

Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief also had this to say about the comic:

"Old Man Hawkeye is, on its own terms, an epic story, Readers will gain insight into previously established characters, explore new corners of the Wasteland, meet new characters, and discover exciting Easter eggs all throughout Clint's journey."

The first issue of Old Man Hawkeye is expected to come out in January, but we have some cool teaser art from Marco Checchetto:

Source: Marvel/ComicBookMovie

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