Norwegian Actress Talks About Playing Princess Leia In Rogue One

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Even though they used CGI to recreate a younger Princess Leia in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the casts till needed in actual actress for the role, and that actress is Ingvild Deila from Norway. Deila has spoken up about being cast as Princess Leia in the movie, and how she would be open to reprising the role if she was asked.

Speaking with Youtuber Jamie Stangroom, Deila reveals how movie magic turned her into Alderaan royalty. She said this about being cast in the role:

"I realised what was actually happening because I was sent two scenes from a New Hope, when Leia meets Vader for the first time, and the hologram monologue… I was like ‘Oh my god is this happening? Those buns are big… I had the hairy buns. And I had plenty of dots all over my face… like an exotic fish. I looked very strange'."


She also talks about possibly reprising the role in any future films. Since the death of Carrie Fisher, it had sparked a controversy on whether dead actors should be brought back to life with CGI onscreen. When Deila was asked what she would do if she was asked to reprise the role, she said:

"I would be lying if i said no. It would be great. Really scary at the same time because she's such an iconic character and I really, really respect and admire Carrie Fisher and who she was. There would be two very big shoes to fill, you could never replace her."

Granted it would be hard to recast a role that ultimately belongs to Carrie Fisher, it's possible that the studio could do the same thing they did with the Han Solo spin-off starring Alden Ehrenreich as a younger Han Solo. In the end, it would seem up to Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, if she would be fine with someone else taking over her mother's character.

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