24 Nov 2016 9:24 AM +00:00 UTC

No Way But Down for The Walking Dead as Ratings Continue to Plummet

A lot of fans had thought that The Walking Dead's season 7 was the big game changer. We see the death of a very dear character, the entrance of a favorite villain, and the promise of change in the character and overall dynamics of our main crew.

Granted, they delivered on the first one—though we too many teasers back in season 6 to make us feel the weight of it, to be honest. The second one seems like a slight compromise, especially after he talked his way out of being badass into bratty territory.

As for the third, if the last episode was anything of a hint, it seems like the promise will be broken. I'm one of those who were very hopeful about what could happen. Even if it seems to follow a Game of Thrones development for Dany dearest, my hope was that there would be change.


Instead, what we saw was deus ex machina at work in so many places in just one episode. Not to mention the odd writing, the very vivid in-your-face expositions, and lack of logic, and it was just a disappointing disaster. And apparently, a lot of the fans agree.

In the latest number crunches for TV series from The Nielsen Company (via Zap2It), The Walking Dead remained the highest rated show on cable. But that doesn't excuse the fact that it continues its steady decline with now under 11 million viewers to date.

Some viewers decided to stop watching because of the violent episode. For others, it was brought on by the struggling writing, such as the recent episode. It feels like The Walking Dead's creators have found a way to push the number of episodes up by stretching the possible angles of writing. Hence, the episodes where we get to focus on just one character's current situation at a time.

Hopefully they will deliver the much-awaited game changer. Right now, I'm not seeing too much difference. If anything, given the grieving period, it feels like the characters have lost their spunk without anything added in to compensate.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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