No Mario’s Sky Now Available as DMCA’s Sky to Continue Your Gaming Needs

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No Man's Sky may not be getting the best attention. But a fan game, No Mario's Sky, certainly is.

As the title suggests, the game had enabled players to play as Mario while traveling in space has immediately attracted the attention of Nintendo, which asked developer ASMB Games to shut it down.


However, even though No Mario's Sky is, as the developer put it, no mor-io, in its place is DMCA's Sky. In a new blog post, the developer confirmed that this is the replacement title to let fans continue the journey.

"Help Spaceman Finn search for Princess Mango in an infinite universe (that may contain no Mangoes). Featuring crazy Moombas, An Infinite Universe, Muscle, Amazing Physics, and a Radical Space Ship; DMCA's Sky is the hackneyed remake-gone-mashup you've been craving."

For those who are just hearing about this now, the developer has a few fair warnings. It will crash on Linux, so you will need to have the latest Nvidia binary drivers versus the Mesa Nouveau drivers.

Players on the macOS will need to press control and click on the App once the message on the game being from an unidentified developer pops up. From here, you need to select the "Open" option so the macOS can let it run.

Did we mention that DMCA's Sky is a free game? Just hit the link above to get a copy of the game for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Check out the cool screenshots above to see to get a feel of how the game looks. There's also a nice gameplay video treat that shows how the game is like.

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