No Man’s Sky is Under Investigation

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Are you one of the players who have been crying foul for the major differences between No Man's Sky early screenshots and what was actually available in-game?

Then you may want to know that the Advertising Standards Authority is already investigating Hello Games' No Man's Sky following these complaints. Eurogamer got the confirmation, and if the investigation bears fruit, the worst-case scenario is that the advertisements at fault will be prevented from other appearances.

There are no details surrounding the investigation as of writing, since it is still ongoing. But there is an update over at Reddit, wherein Hello Games has reportedly been asked to defend or remove the advertisements and screenshots in question.


The post, which came from one of those who complained, stated that the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK do uphold these laws. And as such, Hello Games and Steam's Valve both have a responsibility for it.

Among the promotional materials include videos of the UI, the ship's flight and animal behaviors, aiming systems, and large-scale space combats. It's also investigating screenshots that depict the size of creatures and the structures and buildings. Finally, on the Store Page, it's also looking into the quality of graphics.

The report adds that, more than the Steam Page, the ruling may also encompass the game's advertising on other channels including YouTube videos and even the PlayStation Store.

There has been a number of complaints linked to No Man's Sky. Hopefully Hello Games can progress with these complaints to get back to fixing the game and its continuing issues.

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