No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Notes Revealed

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Hello Games has finally made a move towards improving No Man's Sky. The developer has released the patch notes for the Foundation Update, and it's supposed to add to the base building and other things heading to the game.

Over at the official No Man's Sky website, the Foundation Update brings different rule sets via three game modes. These are normal, creative, and survival modes. Nothing changes from the base experience in the normal mode. For creative, players can explore the universe without limits and build a huge base. Survival mode is aimed for players who want a different kind of challenge that tests endurance.

The update also includes base building, which is basically ensuring that No Man's Sky players will be able to create shelter, replicate resources gathered, and even recruiting alien life to advance technology. The good thing here is that you can build all you want, and if you feel like going to another planet, you only simply need to refund the resources and go back to exploring.


Players who are more comfortable with farming, this means that fans can tend to crops for a steady source of resources. Additionally, the camp also adds to building the necessary equipment for the planet. More than having resources, players can now also use the resources to create their camps.

Speaking of resources, the Foundation Update will also show some biome and resource types as you explore the universes.

Finally, fans can expect a better user interface, particularly to help fans when it comes to the Survival Mode. This means that fans the UI is a lot better to handle now, and stops fans from making a fatal mistake unwittingly.

The full list of patch notes can be seen in the official website. If these can be implemented, it's possible that Hello Games has been bent the entire time since launch in making sure that progress for the game means giving players a better handle on it.

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