Nintendo Switch Will Get a Big EA Title

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With the hardware details set for a reveal at the January event, the Nintendo Switch has been getting more attention in terms of the software and titles that it may get.

Following teasers of individual developers revealing that they have projects for the console, studio EA has also joined in. According to DualShockers, EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen has already dropped hints as to the company's plan for the Nintendo Switch.

Jorgensen announced via the USB Global Technology Conference that the studio may roll out a game or two for the platform. What's more, it may be a well-known game given.

"In terms of Nintendo, in their announcement they announced that we'll be supporting with a game or two on that new platform. We haven't yet announced what game, but you should assume that it's one of our bigger games we've been involved with."

Still, just like other developers, EA has been cautious in putting their hopes on the Nintendo Switch. Jorgensen expressed his excitement about the new device, but stopped short of predicting just how it will perform in terms of the gaming market.

As one of the bigger studios in the industry, EA has certainly rolled out a lot of worthwhile games. But Nintendo's older consoles had been left out, especially when the current-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 finally took the spotlight.

Whether or not the Nintendo Switch can actually put the Japanese company back in the running as one of the mandatory platforms for major games to release on, we'll know for sure come Jan. 12.

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