08 Mar 2019 10:25 AM +00:00 UTC

Nicol Bolas Magic: The Gathering Stained Glass Playmat For PAX East Revealed

Wizards of the Coast

The Mythic Invitational, the $1 million tournament that serves as the first major event in the Magic: The Gathering Arena esports initiative, is coming to PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts later this month. There will also be a bunch of Magic events for players to enjoy, and fans will also be able to purchase an awesome Nicol Bolas stained glass playmat that Pastimes revealed today:

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Image: Pastimes


As you can see, there are two kinds of Nicol Bolas stained glass playmats you can get: the standard size for trading card games (14'x24'), and the desktop size (14'x32'). The TCG-sized playmat costs $30 and the bigger one costs $40. You can find these playmats at the Pastimes booth.

The stained glass design reminds me of the War of the Spark trailer (shown above this article), which features stained glass windows depicting various planeswalkers. This is definitely one of the coolest-looking playmats I've seen.

War of the Spark will be released on May 3, 2019. It's the third of a series of consecutive sets set in Ravnica and is said to focus on the epic war between Nicol Bolas and the Gatewatch. PAX East will take place from March 28 to April 1.

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