Nick Fury Was Supposed To Be Peter Parker's Mentor Before Tony Stark Was On Board

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Though everyone loves the idea of Tony Stark being Peter Parker's mentor in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter could have very well had someone else mentor him in the form of SHIELD director Nick Fury.

In an interview with io9, director Jon Watts explains:


"Interestingly, while Tony was the obvious choice, especially after the events of Civil War, Watts created images of Nick Fury as the mentor in the story in early 'mood reels' before getting the job. 'I don't know what the situation would be,' he said. 'But that would be a person he'd want to get in trouble with.'"

Granted that Fury had been absent in Civil War, and Tony Stark was the one who picked up Spider-Man, it wouldn't make total sense for Sam Jackson to suddenly drop in on Peter's life. Interestingly enough, Jackson was sort of the ‘mentor' to Tony Stark, as he was the first one to introduce Tony to the Avengers Initiative.

All-in-all, I'm happy to see Iron Man as the side character in this movie for once. No offense to RDJ, but he kind of hogs the spotlight, and he always gets the best lines when he's standing alongside the Avengers. Good thing early reviews are saying that there isn't too much Iron Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7.

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