News about Test Audience Not Liking Deadpool 2 is False

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There was a report that came out today that test screenings for Deadpool 2 have been highly unfavorable with audiences, and that the film will be requiring heavy reshoots. News has come out, however, that test screenings actually went splendidly, and that this news of the movie being received poorly was mere exaggeration.

According to Collider's Steve Weintraub:


Have seen a completely untrue report of 'Deadpool 2' testing poorly. From what I heard the first 2 test screenings both scored over 90 with the second one scoring close to the top mark. I've also spoken to people that saw it. Everyone said it's excellent. Fans will love.

Of course, the movie is still not without its negative comments, and according to Marvel Studios News, there is something in the movie that "sounded rather brilliant" but "may bother some fans." There hasn't been any reveal on what that scene actually is, but it can be likened to the fake Mandarin reveal in Iron Man 3.

With the movie so close to releasing, it may be ill-conceived to drastically change the movie. With the original writers and an amazing director taking over, I can't imagine the Deadpool sequel to be that bad. Hopefully we get to decide properly where the movie stands once it hits theaters.

Deadpool 2 comes out May 18.

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