03 Jul 2018 8:20 AM +00:00 UTC

New York Times Writer Regrets How He Spoiled Batman and Catwoman's Wedding

Outrage hit the internet yesterday when The New York Times spoiled Batman and Catwoman's wedding in Batman #50, which comes out this Wednesday. While fans were probably expecting spoilers since that's been the nature of comics in recent years, no one expected the headline to reveal what the secret was. This is why fans are angry since they couldn't even scroll through news without being spoiled.

George Gene Gustines, the man who wrote said article, has now regretted how he wrote the headline - which we won't be spoiling here - and wishes he could have done it differently. DC was going to spoil the story regardless but the headline he wrote made not knowing the information impossible.

Speaking with Vulture, Gustines revealed that he was going to write the article like an actual wedding story, which would have been a fun touch. DC even liked this angle, at least until it was revealed that Batman and Catwoman would not be getting hitched. Gustines now wishes that he asked DC for a non-spoiler headline since now pretty much everyone knows how the story goes.

"I've been passionate about covering comics for the paper for nearly 20 years and this story has been a roller coaster. I think Tom King, Mikel Janín and everyone involved in the comic did a stellar job on this milestone issue. But if I had a Legion time bubble, I would handle it differently."
"I was aware of the marriage storyline for a while – I've been following King's Batman since the beginning – but I was not sure how to approach covering it, if at all. DC reached out to me about whether the event could be featured in our wedding pages. I thought it was a fun idea and pitched my editors."
"I approached it like a typical "Vows" column – write about the story of the couple and what their big day is like, which is what I tried to capture in the piece, which quotes only dialogue from the comic and not the creative team, which is more typical of my reporting."
"After I pitched the story, I learned the wedding would not happen. It seemed disingenuous to write the story without revealing the ending, which is why I included the reveal. But I should've asked for a non-spoiler headline. We should have given more thought so that the casual reader, flipping or scrolling through the Style section, would not know the twist by reading the headline."

DC has tried doing some damage control and even said that the story's real ending wasn't spoiled. Still, the damage has been done and comic book fans are pretty mad right now.

Batman #50 hits comic book shelves this Wednesday.

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