New Trailer Released for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Finale

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars went on swimmingly for six seasons, but saw itself unfinished after Disney had acquired Lucasfilm. Now, as teased, we have a new trailer for what looks to be The Clone Wars finale season, and it looks like it's setting itself up to the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.

You'll notice that the animation has gone back to original Clone Wars look, save for a few updates. Anakin and Obi-Wan now look closer to their appearance in the beginning of RotS, but a shocking surprise is that Ahsoka has also come back.


It's also a neat Easter Egg, but the trailer has the exact same music for the teaser for The Force Awakens that came out back in 2015. You don't forget something like that when you watched the video several times a day.

As per EW, the show is coming back for 12 final episodes, and that should cap off everyone's arcs nicely by the time Revenge rolls in. The show is expected to be released in Disney's upcoming streaming service.Hopefully Dave Filoni is given all the possible resources to end The Clone Wars with a bang.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars finale season has no release date as of now.

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