New Trailer For Jon Hamm's Black Mirror-esque Film Marjorie Prime

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If you love Black Mirror, make sure to check out this new trailer for Marjorie Prime, a new sci-fi film starring Jon Hamm (who also starred in the Christmas episode of Black Mirror). The film imagines an eerire future that allows humans to connect with computerized versions of their loved ones. The trailer may not look visually spectacular but the concept is as deep as Black Mirror episodes, and thought-provoking stories like this are worth seeing. Watch the trailer:

Marjorie Prime also stars Lois Smith, who plays "an ailing widow who, with the help of an artificially intelligent rendering of her late husband, played by Jon Hamm, ponders her own mortality as she revisits events from the past with her new companion."

Smith recently talked to EW about the film, and she said:

"I've been acting for many decades now, I've had deeply interesting roles to play both on stage and screen, this one is particularly precious I suppose, because it's complicated, it's lively. The beauty of it, to me is its humanism and seeing how it connects how we live and explore connections with each other, our family, and memory.
"Marjorie and I are both getting older. Her forgetfulness is worse than mine. Her past is complex and far from simply happy, though there is happiness in it. One of the things I've always liked about her is she loves life, although the story has some end-of-life stories in it.
"I hope audiences take away something that touches them and stays with them. It's a very different thing with different people. Each person brings
experience to it… it's fascinating how differently people take this film. I wish for people to join it, enjoy it, and take it home with them, and I believe they will."

Marjorie Prime was directed by Michael Almereyda, and it's based on Jordan Harrison's 2014 Pulitzer Prize-nominated play. The film also stars Geena Davis and Tim Robbins. It's set to release in U.S. theaters on August 18.

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