New Trailer Announces Persona 5’s Upcoming Anime Television Series

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Gamers have always loved Persona videogame series for its cool anime-esque art style and and many have been hoping that Altus' role-playing videogame might continue releasing its own anime series after Persona 4: The Animation aired on the small screen last year.

Now it looks like the series' most recent installment, Persona 5, is getting its own anime adaptation ready for 2018.

Last Sunday, the Atlus official Twitter handle announced (via Anime News Network) that Persona 5 would be getting its own television anime series from A-1 Pictures next year right after the videogame developer held a Persona 5 "The Attic Meeting Café LeBlanc" event last during the same day.


That's not all – the game's official website also started rolling out a new teaser for the anime project. Not only did the new promo video confirm that the original voice cast in Persona 5 would be working on the anime series, the teaser also revealed that Jun Fukuyama would remain as the series protagonist.

Unfortunately the video on the official website is only available to viewers in Japan, so Persona 5 gamers outside the country ought to make do with this smaller video down here:

This is exciting news for everyone. Persona always had great anime potential and after Persona 4 received its own anime series last year, fans kind of expected a brand new show for Persona 5.

Persona 5's anime adaptation makes its big debut sometime in 2018.

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