New Still from Deadpool 2 has Colossus with Wade Wearing an X-Shirt

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Besides Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story, a lot of movie fans are highly anticipating the release of Deadpool 2 this coming May. A new still has been released of Deadpool and Colossus, and it has Wade wearing an X-shirt.

Check it out:

Source: USA Today


The latest trailer had Deadpool announcing the X-Force, but with Colossus in the picture, this image looks like it's Wade trying to rub elbows with the X-Men. What better way to convert his uniform into an X-uniform other than simply putting on a jersey with an ‘X' on it?

There's apparently more to this scene as we see DP and Colossus surrounded by armed men—possibly cops. There also seems to be a crowd forming behind them trying to watch what's going on. This scene might even precede a moment in the trailers where we see Wade wearing prison garb and a collar. These guys could be part of a mutant-catching squad.

Of course, these are just my speculations, but my guess is as good as anyone's.

Deadpool 2 comes out May 18.

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