New Star Wars Novel Talks About Luke Skywalker Ripping A Star Destroyer From The Sky

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Luke Skywalker has always been strong with the Force, and in the new Star Wars novel The Legends of Luke Skywalker, fans get to read about how the Jedi's powers grow even stronger after the events of the Star Wars original trilogy.

For those who haven't gotten their hands on the book just yet, The Legends of Luke Skywalker is an anthology of stories about the Star Wars saga's main hero being told by a cargo crew on a ship headed to Canto Bight (one of the planets we'll be seeing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi). These are stories about Luke that they've heard throughout their lives, and while some of them might be a bit fictitious and exaggerated, one story recounts Luke ripping a Star Destroyer right out of the sky.


Here's an excerpt of the story uploaded by the Daily Express:

"The bridge went dark. The overhead lights, the view screens, the blinking lights on the banks of consoles. Even the emergency lighting strips on the floor. All around us was the darkness of space…I saw that the bridge windows were rapidly filling with expanding columns of energy… A jolt, as if the entire Star Destroyer had been picked up by a giant hand and slammed against the ground. The ship slowed, drifted, stopped and then the stark lifeless surface of Jakku swung into view, filling the windows, and we fell, we fell."

If the story is true, then this event could be one of the most powerful displays of Force use in the Star Wars franchise. While some would argue that the storyteller could be exaggerating, there definitely could be some truth to the tale – after all, Yoda was able to lift Luke's X-Wing using his abilities as a Jedi in Empire Strikes Back.

We wonder what kind of power Luke will display when he appears in Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15, 2017.

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