06 Feb 2017 5:58 PM +00:00 UTC

New Short Film Shows the Real Life Batman of Brampton, Ontario

A new short film called "Being Batman" has been released as "short of the week" on Vimeo. It focuses on a real-life man who dresses as Batman and patrols the streets of Brampton, Ontario. Watch it below:

The film is directed by Ryan Freeman and produced by Lossless Creative. The real identity of the man who dresses as Batman is never revealed throughout the film- just like his fictional counterpart, he's shrouded in mystery. Even shots where he's out of costume only show his mouth.

In addition to dressing up as Batman, this guy drives around in his own real-life Batmobile. The anonymous man is inspired by the Dark Knight and wants to represent the ideals the hero embodies. He even searches for crime and works to stop it as he patrols. 


“Of course I understand the difference between reality and fiction," he states in the video. “But when it comes to fiction, we have the license and freedom to write a story that we want to write. Being Batman is my dream come true."

He says his martial art of choice is ninjitsu. In addition to patrolling the streets, he takes his Batman costume to various comic conventions. He's unafraid of his identity being discovered, saying "when I’m out there in the public, you won’t know who I am.”

It's always trippy to see people who try to really do the superhero thing and this video is an interesting look at that life. Most people have fantasized about actually patrolling the streets as Batman, but few would actually go so far. Battle on, Brampton Batman. 

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