24 Jan 2017 1:13 PM +00:00 UTC

New Pokemon Game Gets A Surprise Release

Pokemon Duel - a previously Japan-only free-to-play mobile game - is now available on the Apple store and Google Play store, IGN reports.

The Pokemon Company announced the surprise release of the digital board game that lets players use teams of six Pokemon figurines to reach a space on the opponent's side of the board. Players can use "plates" (one-use power-ups) as Pokemon battle using a new system (but with familiar techniques).

You can win booster packs for beating other players, or they can be bought using real world currency.


The game was released in Japan last year, and was developed by a company who creates advanced artificial intelligence.

With the massive success of its fellow free-to-play mobile game, Pokemon Go, it's surprising that the Pokemon Duels got little build-up and fanfare.

Are you going to play Pokemon Duels?

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