New Mutants Actor Confirms New Character

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The New Mutants surprised everybody when the trailer was released, truly embracing the horror genre instead of having all of their powers on display. However, the film has been delayed to next year, with confirmed reshoots and a possible new character being added to the film. After plenty of reports, Magik actress Anya Taylor-Joy has confirmed that a new character will indeed be added via reshoots.

During an interview with The Playlist, Taylor-Joy admitted to being frustrated about the delay. She feels that everyone was excited about the initial April 13 release but acknowledged that it was a necessity. Most fans probably feel the same way since the film is so unique compared to all of the other superhero movies coming out this year.

"Well, the only thing that I could say, without being in trouble, is that it being delayed is disappointing, frustrating in fact. Because we were all very excited for it to be released on April 13th, and I don't mean just disappointing for me, but I'm sure there are a lot of other fans that were looking forward to seeing it."

Despite her initial disappointment, she knows that the reshoots are being done to make the film better. Reshoots are a normal thing but have really only gained a bad reputation after projects like Justice League bombed. Still, she acknowledges that they have to make the film better and confirmed that a new character is being added.

"I do think that there is a great responsibility to make sure the movie is done right and that we deliver the fans something that they can all feel happy about and excited about. So, I don't think it being delayed is a bad thing because it's definitely more important to make sure that we get it right than rushing to make a date. So, hopefully, all of these reshoots and adding of the new character that will give the fans an altogether satisfactory, wonderful product."

The New Mutants will now be showing on February 22, 2019.

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