New Minecraft 'Battle' Mode Revealed

Microsoft added new game modes to Minecraft: Console Editions, based on popular activities Minecraft players are already doing themselves. One of the 'mini games' is called 'Battle', a Hunger Games-inspired mode that focuses on fast-paced multiplayer, with up to eight players per battle, so players won't have to do it manually to experience this awesome mode.

The player is spawned in a rotation of three different maps, facing towards a little mountain of chests, with a countdown timer that reminds you when to run straight for them. Once the timer hits zero, players can open the chests before the other players do, and you will get randomized loot that will either help you attack other players, or protect yourself against them.

The first moments are critical. Missing out on food, potions, or weapons inside the chests could cost players the game. There's also an invincibility timer that ticks down slowly as you try to run away with loot, so the whole experience is intense.

Minecraft's PvP combat remains unchanged, but Battle adds grace period countdowns. There's a loot chest placement and automatically refills those chests with fresh loot as the ame continues.

Each round is about five minutes-long, and the maps compliment that game duration. There's also an in-game matchmaking system so you can find other players to Battle with online, and you can do split-screen multiplayer for up to four players.

Battle is the first mini game to make it to consoles. The mini ame is a free update on Xbox, Playstation and Wii U versions of Minecraft, and maps will be available for $2.99 each.

Source: IGN

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