New Matrix Project Is NOT A Reboot Or Remake

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The internet flew into a ridiculous rage when rumors came out that there were plans for a Matrix reboot, and why shouldn't they? The Matrix (at least the first one) was amazing. Zak Penn, writer for Pacific Rim: Uprising, is attached to the project, and he confirms that news of a reboot or remake of The Matrix is inaccurate.


At best, it seems that Warner Bros. is planning to expand on the Matrix universe, with Penn pointing out that the world has plenty of potential for different stories. He does go on to say that he can't make any comment on the project that has been rumored, so the news on Michael B. Jordan eventually leading a Matrix film could be plausible.

Seeing that Warner Bros. has been having trouble with their biggest blockbusters in the last year — what with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad being critical disasters — they would like to dig in on a franchise that would be a sure hit. With a property like The Matrix, though, they would have to tread carefully. The follow-ups to the first movie were not so well-received.

I, for one, am keeping an open mind about the concept of having another Matrix movie. The world does have rich lore, and fans of Animatrix are sure that there's a lot of potential for spin-offs and the like. I'm just getting a feeling that audiences are getting exhausted with all these cinematic universes popping up. First we had Marvel, then DC, then Fox (trying to build around X-Men and Fantastic Four), then the monster universe started by Dracula Untold, then another monsterverse based on Godzilla and King Kong… how many more of this can we take?

And plus, does this scene from the first Matrix seem like it needs an update?

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