New Marvel Comic Asks if you’ll Vote for Loki in 2016?

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There's a new Marvel comic book series arriving in June. In it, Loki is running in the Presidential Elections.

To engage American readers and fans in general, the publishing company has taken to Twitter to ask if they'll be voting for the villain. It's time to voice what you think.


Marvel also created several visuals depicting what Thor's adoptive brother is standing for.

As per Bleeding Cool, the first image is created by Valerio Schitti, while the second one appears to have been made by Tradd Moore.

Specific details about the comic book remain unknown, but if there's any antihero in the Marvel Universe who can take on the role of a politician, it's Loki.

Do you beLIEve in what Loki stands for? At least it's in the word believe right?