New Incredibles II Poster and Mural Tease the Villains

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Like every superhero film, The Incredibles II will be sporting its own villain, but with the previews that we've been getting so far, we still have no idea who it is. Thanks to a poster, however, we now have a look at ‘ScreenSlaver' and it looks like he'll have his own band of supervillains to fight alongside him.

Check it out:

Pixar has also shared this mural of the film on Instagram and it again puts ScreenSlaver out to be the main baddie:

Knowing how these Pixar films have been going recently, it's possible that ScreenSlaver will end up as a red herring, and a bigger, badder villain will come out as the actual nemesis. We know that Syndrome was marketed as the villain for the first film, but the villains in the more recent Disney movies have been revealed to be the person you least suspect; such was the case with films like Big Hero 6, Frozen, Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, and Coco.


Also, on another note, it looks like the movie is going to introduce an animal sidekick in the form of a raccoon which is featured on both the mural and the poster. What are the odds that Edna will end up making a suit for it as well?

The Incredibles II comes out June 14.

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