New Footage Revealed In Fear The Walking Dead Teaser Trailer

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A new Fear the Walking Dead teaser trailer has been released online for the show’s season’s premiere.

Titled Nature:Fear the Walking Dead, the latest trailer has been packed with a lot of new footage showing the dangers the group will face. It appears the group has built up some strength as they face some deadly challenges and of course, the undead.

Featuring some scenes from the first season of The Walking Dead, Nick is shown blending in with the walkers as he’s facing off with one while covered in blood. Hopefully, things end well for him as compared to the others who didn’t.


Take a look at the Nature:Fear the Walking Dead teaser trailer:


This season won’t stick to the undead when it comes to dangers. Apparently, as revealed by Strain, people will be the biggest threat at sea.

Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC on April 10 at 9 PM ET.