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New Final Fantasy XV Kai Figures From Play Arts Revealed

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The hype for Final Fantasy XV keeps on rising. In addition to the awesomeness Square Enix announced during their Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, the long-awaited role-playing game is also getting its own Kai series figures from Play Arts.

The Final Fantasy XV figures include Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto, the best friends of the protagonist Noctis. As you can see in the images below, all the figures come with different accessories, interchangeable hands, and weapons. I like how fans are getting to know these characters prior to the game's release. If you haven't seen the first episode of the FFXV anime, go watch it now.

Check out the images below:

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The figures will be available on September (Ignis and Prompto) and October (Gladiolus), just in time for Final Fantasy XV's release. Maybe a Noctis figure will also be released by then. Each one will cost about $129.99. Take all my gils, Square Enix!

Via Toys News International

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