New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Information Revealed

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In a recent episode of Active Time Report,Final Fantasy XV director revealed more information about the highly-anticipated role-playing game.

DualShockers translated the original Japanese video, and there will be another episode on June 13, right before E3 begins.


The video reveals that Final Fantasy XV won't be truly an open world game, but the amount of places you can go will increase as you progress through the story. You'll be able to save the game anywhere, and you'll have the ability to fast travel back to places you have camped at --That reminds me of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There will be something similar to a skill tree to learn new abilities, but they haven't revealed full details for that and the range of weapos. There will be seven types of weapons, each with a lot of variety.

The car will be faster than Chocobos, and if you crash land a flying car, it will be game over, and you'll have to return to before the flight. There are some gameplay mechanics involved when it comes to taking off and landing, and landing would be slightly harder.

Square Enix is interested in the idea of a Playstation 4 bundle, but says that it depends on Sony's decision. And the next episode of the Final Fantasy XV anime will be released around E3 (June 14-16).

Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30, 2016.