New Fallout 4 Gameplay Footage Revealed, Watch The Awesome Combat

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Thousands of gamers have been waiting for this moment: fresh gameplay footage from Bethesda's upcoming action role-playing game. 

These videos were captured at the Xbox briefing during the E3 convention. It looks like Bethesda's been releasing little snippets of the game every now and again to whet our appetities, and it's working! Watch this fantastic combat compilation video:

In the next video, we see the male character (you can choose from both male and female protagonists) come out from Vault 111 to take his first steps in the wasteland world of Fallout. There's a lot of impressive visuals here, and we’re re-introduced to characters like Codsworth and Dogmeat, who featured in Bethesda’s previous clips of the game. They also reveal the V.A.T.S system and even throw some light on the badass Power Armour. Watch this marvelous gameplay video: