New Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer: Get Ready To See A New Time Lord

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The BBC has just released a new trailer for Doctor Who Season 10, and it's going to be a monumental run because this is going to be Steven Moffat's final year as the showrunner, and Peter Capaldi will be leaving the show as the Doctor. In addition to featuring monsters, aliens, and a robot that speaks emoji, we also get a glimpse of Peter Capaldi's regeneration. Whovians would notice that the last shot of this trailer looks familiar as it seems to show the current Time Lord fading away, and a new actor will take the role. Who could it be? It's assumed that Capaldi will return for another Doctor Who Christmas special but if this trailer is to be believed, he might be regenerating before then.

The 12-episode season will premiere on the BBC on April 15, and a new companion named Bill (played by Pearl Mackie) is joining the Doctor. For the first time in the series, Bill will be openly gay. Watch the trailer below: