New Director, New Script and Probable Year of Release For The Batman

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The DC Extended Universe has been having a hard time getting to lift off with films like Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad that gave the DC engine a weak, sputtering start. Now, trouble continues as some of DC's highly anticipated solo films encounter a few bumps in the road to production with The Flash losing its second director and Ben Affleck stepping down from the director's seat for The Batman.

Thankfully, a new report from Forbes reveals how the controversial and highly anticipated Batman solo from DC will get a fresh start with a new script and new director. Hough the script written by Affleck and Geoff Johns has already been rewritten by award-winning Argo screenplay writer, the publication reveals that the project will undergo another possible full rewrite as Warner Bros. promises a fresh do-over for the film once they get a new creative team together.

Warner Bros. is still currently searching for the film's official director and has already spoken to a few filmmakers about the job, including Matt Reeves, the helmsman for War For the Planet of the, Let Me In, and Cloverfield.

Though nothing is set in stone yet, The Batman is speculated to see a 2019 release. Given all of its ups and downs, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would want a fresh start for the Batman solo. Let's hope they finally get it right.

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