New Batman v Superman Clips: Clark Confronts Bruce, Wonder Woman Calls Them 'Little Boys'

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Each new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promo material over the past few weeks has shown teasers of the two superheroes clashing. Now, a new clip is showing tensions arising between their alter-egos, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

The last time we saw this exact clip of Clark and Kent confronting each other at a lavish party was in the DC movie’s first trailer. In the trailer, audiences are given a preview of Clark and Bruce’s first face-to-face interaction.

Meanwhile, the new Batman v Superman clip, which debuted during Henry Cavill’s interview in Good Morning America, gives audiences more context into that conversation in the trailer.  

Take a look:

New #BatmanVsSuperman clip from GMA!
— Barry Raven (@ChrisRa7en)
March 14, 2016



A buildup of what was seen in the trailer, it looks like Clark does not agree to Batman's own brand of justice.


In Cavill’s interview, the 32-year-old English actor spoke of how Superman is handling his newly-gained popularity following the events of Man of Steel. He said:

The great thing about Superman is not about overcoming anything, it's about bearing the slings and arrows.

Check out a snippet of the interview:



The new clip of Bruce and Clark however begs the question of whether the two already know each other’s identities or not. It seems likely, since Kent’s questions appear more imposing rather than inquisitive.


Another new clip that was released recently is an audio of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) calling Batman and Superman “little boys.” The audio sample showcasing more of Wonder Woman’s sharp tongue was released during a Chinese press-event.

The audio had been posted as a video clip to Twitter:

Gal's Wonder Woman voice
— Sean Murphy (@ReelSeanMurphy)
March 12, 2016




Previous portrayals of Diana Prince have featured a certain degree of sarcasm from the the female superhero, but the audio hints at the character’s difference from those previous portrayals since it shows Prince being somewhat well-versed in the modern world.


Hopefully, these promos won't reveal too much of the film and more surprises will be shown when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25.

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