Netflix's The Witcher Showrunner Teases Major Plot in Season Two

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The first season of The Witcher is already available to stream on Netflix. Since the fans already have had plenty of time to watch the adaptation, they're pretty much excited to know what to expect in the show's second season; and it seems like The Witcher's showrunner has already teased a major plot for Season 2.

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich recently answered some of the fans' questions about the show over at Reddit. She was asked why they cut out the part where the monsters and Witchers alike are going extinct which was a big part in the beginning of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels. "Season one spans about thirty years for Geralt, so monsters aren't going extinct that whole time," she said. "But it's something we delve into a lot more (in both cases) in season two."


Hissrich then explained that monsters going extinct was a "fundamental issue" for them. "It's said a lot in the beginning of the books (and our series) that humans hate the Witchers, but also need them," she said, "That's the rub. Needing what you hate."

"If there were less monsters at the very beginning of the series, then Witchers wouldn't be as needed," she said. This is because they would basically disappear along with their legend, and the hatred would "dissipate." She pointed out that they need this "hatred" in the series in order to understand why Geralt was an outsider. "So we made the choice to keep the monsters more present for these thirty years," Hissrich added.

Aside from having the monsters present in the first season, the adaptation also has another difference with the books in terms of Princess Cirilla's character. They built up the suspense about her story, and it is very likely that they would tackle more about her abilities in the second season along with the story of the extinction of monsters.

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The Witcher Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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