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Netflix To Premiere The Little Prince After It Was Dropped From Theaters

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The Little Prince, the film adaptation of the 1943 book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was released in international theaters last year, and was originally set to release today in U.S. theaters by Paramount Pictures, but the studio just recently dropped the film from its release schedule, leaving many wondering if the movie will make its way to American theaters.

And now, Netflix has acquired the rights to the film, and the streaming service will release it sometime later this year. We still don't know if there are any plans to release the fim in U.S. theaters, and I hope they'll show it even if it's just a limited release.

At the heart of it all is The Little Girl, who's being prepared by her mother for the very grown–up world in which they live — only to be interrupted by her eccentric, kind–hearted neighbor, The Aviator. The Aviator introduces his new friend to an extraordinary world where anything is possible. A world that he himself was initiated into long ago by The Little Prince. It's here that The Little Girl's magical and emotional journey into her own imagination — and into the universe of The Little Prince — begins. And it's where The Little Girl rediscovers her childhood and learns that ultimately, it's human connections that matter most, and that what's truly essential can only be seen with the heart.

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