Netflix Releases 'Stranger Things' Short for Halloween

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In honor of Halloween, Netflix has released a short video based on one of its spookiest shows, Stranger Things, on YouTube. The video is titled "Stranger Things| Minute by Minute with Brenda Wood| Netflix". You can see it below:


The short is a news segment set in the universe of Stranger Things. Specifically, it's a local news report from the sleepy little town of Hawkins, Indiana, where the events of the show take place. In the segement, news anchor Brenda Wood reports on two major events of the show: the disappearance of Barb and Eleven stealing Eggo Waffles from the local grocery store.

The video contains some humorous winks and nods to the shows fandom. Brenda Wood waxes poetic about the greatness of poor Barb, much the way her sizeable fandom tends to. Barb is described as being last seen wearing an "oversized pair of absolutely fantastic glasses".

The funniest line in the sequence to me was the anchor saying Barbs friends said she "could really rock a pair of mom jeans. Or as we call them now, jeans." Stranger Things is set in the 80's, so Barb's jeans were pretty much the standard style back then.

The video also talks about a young girl stealing an "unprecendented amount of Eggo Waffles" and strange events happening around her. It shows security footage of Eleven's great heist.

The video closes off with Brenda Wood saying "Good night everyone and whatever you do, avoid Mirkwood this Halloween". Mirkwood refers to the Lord of the Rings-based name the boys in Stranger Things gave to the place where young Will Byers mysteriously vanished. 

I think this was a fun Halloween video and found it amusing. What about you? Did you like the video?

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