20 Jun 2016 6:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Netflix Is Getting a New Streaming Deal for CW Shows like "Flash" and Arrow"

Netflix is close to finalizing a new streaming deal with the CW, just as Hulu streaming for CW shows comes to an end, reports Variety. Since 2011, Hulu had the five most recent episodes of CW shows available for streaming, posting episodes the day after they had aired. Now that deal has come to a close, so a new deal between the CW and Netflix is being negotiated.

The new Netflix deal will have new full seasons of CW shows like The Flash and Arrow become available within two weeks after the season ends. This is much faster Netflix availability for these shows compared to previously, where viewers had to wait months to view the full seasons.

Though the Hulu deal is ending, the most recent five episodes of each CW show will llikely still be available on CWTV.com and other CW-affiliated stations. Sources from Hulu state that continuing to stream CW shows was not worth the prices, as only The Flash and Arrow bought in a large viewership. Hulu sources also stated that The Flash and Arrow fans often lodged complaints about only the most recent five episodes being available.


The new CW Netflix deal is expected to be officially announced within the week. How do you feel about this deal? Do you think it was worth losing Hulu access to these shows to gain quicker Netflix access?

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