Netflix Gets Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe For Multi-Film Franchise

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It looks like Netflix is going to try and compete with Marvel soon, even if the streaming service is home to the some of the competition's shows. Netflix first purchased Millarworld, the publishing line of acclaimed creator Mark Millar, with access to properties like Superior, Super Crooks, and Empress.

That doesn't appear to be enough, however, as the streaming service will now attempt to make a cinematic universe out of Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe.

According to Deadline, a seven-figure deal was made with the creator and Akiva Goldsman will oversee a high-end writer's room to try and make a series of films based on these Extreme heroes. The Extreme Universe is currently home to heroes like Bloodstrike, Prophet, Glory, and superhero team Youngblood.


Scott Stuber, the feature film chief of Netflix, had this to say about the deal:

"Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe features gritty stories and distinctive characters. Akiva's creative voice has been behind some of the largest movie franchises, making him uniquely capable of helping bring these superheroes from the Extreme Universe to life for Netflix."

Liefeld is one of the more divisive names in comics but the writer isn't afraid to share his creations with others. The aforementioned Glory and Prophet have achieved critical acclaim under Joe Keatinge and Brandon Graham respectively, so these movies do have a chance of succeeding.

Which Extreme property do you want to see adapted?

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