Netflix Complains About Losing Viewers During The Total Solar Eclipse

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Netflix has just lost 10 percent of its viewership because of the solar eclipse today.

Earlier this morning the entire United States witnessed the very first total solar eclipse of this century while other parts of the world saw partial eclipses in the day. Astronomers have been waiting for the event for so long, and the general public enjoyed going out to witness the eclipse. However, it seems like their little outing cut into Netflix business.

Posting on Twitter, Netflix made a joke whining about why ten percent of its viewers left during the afternoon to step outside and look at the solar eclipse with their very own eyes. Though the streaming service provider understands why the population would choose watching "a giant rock cover a giant ball of gas" over watching any of its offerings, Netflix's tweets sure come off humorously salty.

The solar eclipse dominated the news today with NASA streaming the event online, and those who got the chance to go outside to view the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse decided to witness the event for themselves. Netflix should have tried streaming the eclipse for viewers in other parts of the world that couldn't see the event for themselves. Maybe in the next fort years or so, when the next total eclipse comes round.

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